How using VeggieZips™ with HydroLiners™ benefits produce!

The optimal storage condition for a large variety of vegetables is high humidity. When produce is at the grocery store, it is left out in the open air, sprayed with moisture in intervals, and kept looking as healthy as possible until purchased. However, upon bringing it home, the opportunity to store it in an optimal environment has not been readily available, until now, with VeggieZips™ with HydroLiners™.

The crisper drawer has been all that has been available for regulating humidity by allowing for airflow in and out of the drawers. A better solution for high-humidity produce is a bag that zips shut while allowing respiration as well as a way for the ethylene gas to escape, through small U-Vent holes.

VeggieZips™ are easy to use. Wrap vegetables that need extra moisture, such as leafy greens, with a damp HydroLiners™. For vegetables that need high humidity such as mushrooms, while having moisture absorbed, wrap with a dry HydroLiners™. For produce such as peppers that need high humidity and not have their skin to dry out, place inside a VeggieZips™ bag, no HydroLiners™ needed.

It is common after just one day of use for produce to appear better than when purchased after using VeggieZips™, because of the optimal storage environment that VeggieZips™ provides.