How does Bluapple® works?

  • In order to remove the Ethylene gas from around the Fruit & Vegies we need to neutralise the Ethylene gas.
  • To do this, we combine Volcanic Ash and Sodium Permanganate (MnO2) in a proprietary process,  into small crystals.
  • These crystals are placed in special membrane satchel that is water resistent and highly permeable to ethylene gas.
  • The satchel is then placed in the patented Bluapple® which maximises airflow into and around the satchel.
  • Over a 3 months period, the satchel absorbs and neutralises the Ethylene gas.
  • After 3 months, simply tear open the satchel and empty contents into the garden, remember the Volcanic Ash is a natural soil and the MnO2 is an excellent trace element. Your plants will love it.