NO, you do not need to open the packets. The packet itself is permeable to ethylene gas and it is NOT NECESSARY to tear open the packets. To use or replace a packet, merely place Bluapple® on a sturdy table with the center seam touching the table and oriented vertically, then place your palm on Bluapple® and push down firmly. Bluapple® will split open along its seam, and once opened, you can remove the used packet and replace it with a new packet. Remember to use the contents of your used packet as fertilizer for house plants and gardens.

If you have accidentally opened the packet, you can put the tiny Bluapple® granules back in the packet and reseal with some cellophane tape. Remember Bluapple® granules are non-toxic and cannot hurt you, but the purple color of the granules can leave stubborn, purple if the granules get wet.