Bluapple® is designed to absorb ethylene gas from the typical home refrigerator for three months, however you may want to check the potency of the granules yourself. Heavy produce users may need to change their packet more often, while light produce users may see the potency of Bluapple® lasting well over three months.

If you wish to check potency here’s how to do it.

Bluapple® packet contains small granules of the active ingredient. Using a scissors, snip open a corner of the packet. When fresh and fully potent, the granules are purplish in color and when crushed the granules are a white/purple. As ethylene gas is absorbed and oxidized the granules slowly turn completely brown inside and out (in other words, they “rust”). Packets with completely brown granules have used up their ethylene gas absorption potential and should be replaced. If the packets still have potency-life remaining, continue to use them even if you have used them for three months already! You can cover the packet corner you have cut off with a small piece of cellophane tape to seal the packet.

You can check the potency by crushing and examining the granules from time to time as needed!