Bananas and avocados are some of the trickier produce items to manage. You want them to stay fresh and last a long time, but at the same time you also want them to be ripe when you are ready to eat them. Unfortunately, when they are finally ready and fully ripe, they are entering a phase where there is a cascade effect at play in terms of the ripening process and the ability to control ripening is limited. For example, fully yellow or spotted-yellow bananas are ripe to a point where it will be impossible to slow the ripening process much. The same is true of soft, black-looking avocados.

To preserve avocados for a long time it is necessary to keep them cold and protected by Bluapple®. Store them in the fridge. When you want them to ripen take them out and put them on the counter and let them ripen as desired. Once they have achieved the ripeness you desire, put them BACK in the fridge with Bluapple®. Again, you are not going to have weeks and weeks to use these, but you should be able to keep them pretty well for the better part of a week.

For bananas we recommend you put your green bananas in a paper bag with Bluapple® and take OUT two or three bananas that you want to ripen quickly and keep these on the counter. In a few days you can take out a few more bananas to begin to ripen. If you stage your use in this way you will get excellent usage from your bananas and rarely have to throw any out.