Well it certainly is the obvious case that the necessary essential element of Bluapple® is the packet of active ingredient, and we certainly have heard of people who merely buy the One Year Refill Kit.

However, Bluapple® itself does some important things that are not insignificant. First, Bluapple® allows for airflow all around the packet and prevents produce from piling on top of the packet and smothering it. Second, Bluapple® protects the packet from condensation or moisture in the refrigerator because if the packet were to get completely wet the efficacy would be significantly degraded. Also, the sodium permanganate is a deep purple color, and a wet packet can actually stain clothing. Third, it’s cute. It continually reminds you when you look in the refrigerator that produce freshness management is an ongoing, necessary activity if you are serious about saving money and maximizing the quality of your fresh food investment.

Considering the hundreds of dollars saved every year we certainly think that the using Bluapple® to contain the active ingredient packet is well worth it!